A calm sense of serenity.
A state of being harmonious and without violent conflict.
We find peace within ourselves, within our tribe, and within the world.



An unconditional appreciation.
A representation of compassion, human kindness, admiration, affection, and unselfish concern for another.
We show love and goodwill towards ourselves, our tribe, and the world.



A state of being undivided, connected, and complete.
A sense of community and something bigger than yourself.
We know that we are all individuals, but are united together as one.
We are all connected and in a state of harmony with our tribe and the world.
It is together, through unity, that we can accomplish all things. No one is less important than the other.



A positive regard.
Appreciation for the value of someone or something and the actions that convey this.
The simple realization and acceptance that everyone is unique, and the ability to honor everyone for their differences.
The act of separating yourself from that which you do not like and allowing it to freely continue, without interruption or negativity, because others may be receiving enjoyment from it.
We show respect for ourselves, other people, our earth, and all its creatures.
We show respect for other peoples thoughts, opinions, and for what makes them unique.
We respect people for their differences. (For example: We may not all like the same genre of music, dress the same, or even speak the same language, but we will honor those differences and maybe even learn something from them.)



A belief in a positive outcome.
A desire. A confidence that your desire will be fulfilled.
We look forward to the dawn of a new day with endless possibilities.
We remain hopeful for the future and the positive changes that we will bring into it.
We have faith and a positive outlook.
We hold tight to our dreams, our wishes, our desires, and our creative spirit because they are what hope is made of.
Hope is what guides us.
Hope is the glue that binds us, connecting us on this peaceful, loving, unifying and respectful journey.
We have hope that our EDM Culture will, with every drumbeat and every heartbeat, follow it’s roots in P.L.U.R. and continue to grow and evolve as an EDM FAMILY!

With Peace comes Love.

With Peace and Love comes Unity.

With Peace, Love, and Unity comes Respect.

With Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect comes Hope.

PLURH has its roots with the EDM Culture,
but truly Extends Out to Everyone!
You don’t have to love EDM to have PLURH in your life! 
PLURH Belongs To Us All!


The PLURH Movement is :

  • A gathering of the masses in an effort to unite and strengthen them under Peace, Love, Unity, Respect & Hope.
  • Focused on spreading a positive vibe, inspiring others to live a more positive lifestyle, enhancing the EDM culture, and giving back to the community through community involvement and showcasing local artistic talent.
  • About providing a pathway towards awareness of the environmental impact of our life choices.
  • Rooted around a common love of music. Music is a universal language. Music is what brings us together!
  • About embracing the progression of the EDM scene while holding on to the desire, and the HOPE, for an EDM culture that stays true to its roots in PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and RESPECT.

We are devoted to spreading the word about PLURH, keeping our scene and the positive vibe alive, and making a difference in our community. Through positivity, knowledge, peace, love, unity, respect, and hope all things are possible! If we can make a difference in only one persons life, then it’s all worth it!

THE “VIBE” :: An overwhelming positive feeling that comes from PLURH. It’s when you discover and maintain PLURH for yourself and then give it freely to others. If you have experienced it, you know it.

It is no question that the EDM scene has changed and will continue to change. The dynamics of what the early scene was about have dissolved and a new scene has emerged. This is the way of life, and of progression. For newcomers, PLURH is an ideal to reach for and a guideline set forth by a former rave generation. PLURH is a lifeline for the old school ravers to the days when the scene was emerging. A time when that warm fuzzy feeling of being a raver and going to listen to those amazing beats at some underground spot was paramount in their lives.

PLURH is a Way of Life – PLURH is a Lifestyle – Bring PLURH Everywhere


Being an advocate for PLURH is easy. You don’t need anything other than the desire to create a better world for yourself and others. Please visit 52 Weeks of PLURH to find ideas on how to fill your life with Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Hope.

For those of you who are a part of the EDM culture, be sure to teach people who are new to the EDM scene about PLURH by living it. It is impossible to expect PLURH from others if you are unwilling to give it. PLURH is not limited to our EDM Culture. Show it in all aspects of your life!

We are always dreaming up new ideas and enjoy bringing them to life.
We would love to hear from you about any collaborations you would like to suggest.
Our projects are chosen carefully in an effort to only work with those that fall in line with the PLURH ideals, so please make sure your collaboration comes with a peaceful, loving, unifying, respectful, and hopeful intent.

CLICK HERE  to contact us.

Read our first PLURH Blog Post to learn more!


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