When we listen to our favorite songs, it’s often the beat that grabs us and doesn’t let go. Melodies, basslines, beats, and lyrics will pop up in our heads at random times, and they sometimes get stuck. We catch ourselves humming, dancing, or singing along all throughout the day. Unfortunately, we don’t even have to particularly like the song for this to happen. There’s just something about music that is eternal and becomes a part of us. We are, in essence, a walking music collection.

No one can ever take away our music because it lives inside of us!

Imagine being filled with not only the music of others, but your own music. Lyricists and musicians experience this every day. We owe much respect and gratitude to the artists that create the songs that we love. Their endless creativity supplies us with musical playlists that keep growing and growing each year.

For every person out there, there is a genre or style of music that speaks to them. Those of us who are devoted fans of EDM have created a beautiful and artistic culture around our love of the music. EDM has, for us, taken ahold of every thread in the fabric of our being.

Within the genre of EDM there are a multitude of subgenres filled with every imaginable soundscape… from  hard and pounding, dance inducing songs to soft and melodic, trance inducing songs. The lyrics, that enhance and add intrinsic layers to the music, range in tone as well. They go from being dark and subjective, to deep and haunting, to eccentric and energetic, or to optimistic and spiritual. Some are just quirky and catchy. Demeaning and degrading songs are a rarity with EDM. EDM is full of positive, inspiring, emotional, meaningful, and P.L.U.R.H. related lyrics… A lot of the lyrics simply pay homage to the EDM culture and to EDM itself.

This Page is Dedicated to All the Beautiful Words that Accompany Our Favorite EDM Tunes.


“Not everyone understands house music
It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing.” (Eddie Amador – House Music)

“In the beginning there was Jack,
And Jack had a groove

And from this groove came the grooves of all grooves
And while one day viciously throwing down on his box,
Jack boldly declared: “Let there be house!”
And house music was born.”  (Rhythm Controll – My House)

“There’s a certain something missing that the treble can’t erase.
I know you can tell just by looking at my face
A word about my weakness
I’m totally addicted to bass.” (Puretone – Addicted To Bass)

“You gotta funk it up until it knocks you down
And when you’re funkin’ up, be sure to pass it around.” (Newcleus – Jam On It)

“Put the needle on the record
When the drum beats go like this.” (M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up the Volume

“Give me a packet of peace to taste
And if you’re willing, an extra crate
Of any power to combat hate.”  (Lionrock – Packet of Peace)

“Half the fun is learning
And I’m having a ball
While the world keeps turning
My road is small, but I make a change
I hope you’re feeling the same way.” (Dub Fx – Love Someone)

“They say learning to love yourself
Is the first step
That you take when you want to be real.” (Tiesto – Just Be)

“Love comes again
Just when I’ve broken down I found
Love can come again
You’ve got to believe that.” (Tiesto – Love Comes Again)

“Streaming through the radio
Dancing all around
Spread the word in stereo
At the speed of sound.”  (Justice – D.A.N.C.E.)

“I feel love for the first time
And I know that it is true
I can tell by the look in your eyes.” (Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight) 

“State your destination, organic styles lock communication
Cosmic sounds got me earthbound forces of nature
Hidden between lines we infiltrate minds
Entwined with breaks and baselines while we travel time.” (LTJ Bukem – Constellation)

“I’m searching to find
A love that lasts all time.
I’ve just got to find
Peace and unity.” (Leftfield – Release the Pressure)

“Fall in love with music, fall in love with dance
Fall in love with anything that makes you want romance.” (Jam & Spoon – Right in The Night)

“Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air. 
I know I can count on you. 
Sometimes I feel like saying, ‘Lord, I just don’t care’ 
But you’ve got the love I need to see me through.” (The Source ft. Candi Staton – You’ve Got the Love)

“They were beautiful,
The most
 beautiful skies as a matter of fact,
The sunsets were purple and red and
 yellow and on fire
And the clouds would catch the colors everywhere.” (The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds)

“The music sounds better with you.” (Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You)

“Your love, it feels so good.
And that’s what takes me high,
Higher than I’ve been before.
Your love, it keeps me alive.” (Sonique – It Feels So Good)

“You’re not alone, I’ll wait till the end of time for you” (Olive- You’re Not Alone)

“You could be right.
You could be wrong. 
You would be strong,
If you know that you are living in your own skin.
Got to be yourself, ain’t nobody else.” (Charlotte – Skin)

“You are the one
Say that I go on forever.” (DJ Icey – The One)

“Stay with me just for today,
Let your soul come and rest for a minute now.
Share your mind if you have some time, 
I would love to sit and talk to you” (AK1200 – Drowning)

You touch my mind in special places.
My heart races with you.
I’ll take your love and I’ll take my chances.
I’ll take them with you.” (Rui Di Silva – Touch Me)

“Its going to be a fine night tonight.
Its going to be a fine day tomorrow.” (Opus III – It’s A Fine Day)

“Will you meet me?
Wanna fly away?” (Rabbit in the Moon – Out of Body Experience)

 ”After all is said and done
One and one still is one.
When we cry, when we laugh
I am half, you are half.” (Robert Miles – One & One)

“Last night a DJ saved my life with a song.” (Indeep – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life – multiple remixes)

“We are the people that rule the world.
A force running in every boy and girl.
All rejoicing in the world.” (Empire of The Sun – We Are The People – multiple remixes)

“All systems go out on the floor, 
This is what you came here for. 
Hi friend!” (Deadmau5 ft. MC Flipside – Hi Friend)

“I could watch you for a lifetime
You’re my favorite movie.
A thousand endings
You mean everything to me.” (Benny Benassi – Cinema)

“A moment, a love, 
A dream, a laugh, 
A kiss, a cry, 
Our rights, our wrongs…” (Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition – remixes)

“Another night out,
Another dance floor.” (Kaskade – Move For Me)

“You say
Choose happiness
Just start with a thought
Let it lead the way…” (Julian Vincent ft. Cathy Burton – Here For Me)

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child 
See heaven’s got a plan for you 
Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now.” (Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child)

“You’re a half a world away
But in my mind I whisper every single word you say.
And before you sleep at night
You pray to me, your lucky star, your singing satellite.” (Oceanlab – Satellite)

“My dream is to fly 
Over the rainbow
So high.” (Yves Larock – Rise Up)

“You light me up 
You chase the clouds 
I think about this 
Every time the stars come out.” (Zedd – Stars Come Out)

“All my life I’ve been a star, holding a light up in the dark.
While I try to keep clear of all the waves in your atmosphere
When I was young I could hear the sound
A melody pure and a rhythm loud
Oh, the sound took me away
Carried through the vastness of outer space.” (Kaskade – Atmosphere)

“Come around, feel the sound
Oh you make my heart pound 
Fill me up, bring me down
When I hear your sound.” (Nadia Ali – Pressure)

“Don’t be fooled by your emptiness,
there’s so much more room for happiness.” (Kaskade – Room for Happiness

“Under the bright sky.
Only sunshine.

Stay gold.” (Adventure Club – Gold)

Take my hand and reload
This is free love
That’s what we are made of
Yes we are…
This is real love
That’s what we are made of.” (Sebastian Ingrosso – Reload)

“I feel so close to you right now
It’s a force field
I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal
Your love pours down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall
And there’s no stopping us right now
I feel so close to you right now.” (Calvin Harris – Feel So Close)

“There’s a thing called love that we all forget
And it’s a wasted love that we all regret
You live your life just once
So don’t forget, forget about a thing called LOVE.” (Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love)

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