Journey with PLURH as we explore ways of creating a more organic, sustainable, and cruelty-free planet.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

-Lao Tzu

Every step we take, either as individuals or as a unified group, makes a difference.
We believe that the butterfly effect holds true for ecological change. A small change in one place can lead to large changes in another. If those small changes are made with Peace, Love, Unity, Respect & Hope in our hearts, we can become a PLURH Planet!




Open yourself up to the possibilities of positive change and become more aware of yourself, your environment, and the world.

Become More Aware of Yourself.

  • Be conscious of what you are putting into your body.
    What quality of food and drink are you consuming? 

“Be mindful of what you put into your body. We have all heard the adage “you are what you eat” and it is even more powerful a message in today’s society full of chemicals and over-processed foods. Choose your food and drinks based on their nutritional, ecological, and intrinsic value. You not only will be respecting yourself but also the environment.”

– From Year One of 52 Weeks of PLURH

Become More Aware of Your Impact on the Earth.

  • Pay attention to the amount of trash you throw out everyday.
    Is it mostly food waste? packaging? disposable products? 
  • Be aware of your energy consumption.
    Do you leave lights or other energy consuming items on when they are not needed?
    Do you take advantage of opportunities to carpool?
  • Observe your water usage.
    Do you leave water running when it is not needed?
    Do you run the washing machine or dishwasher for only a couple of items?

Awareness is the first step towards change!


Learn more about the community you live in.

Become More Aware of Your Community

  • Get involved and expand your knowledge.

Local organizations, businesses or community groups can be a great resource to help get you started. Find out if  workshops or classes are being offered in your area that will help expand your environmental awareness. A great resource is your county cooperative extension. Your county cooperative extension may offer workshops on topics such as rain barrels and water conservation, gardening, composting, etc.

THE COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM was established by the United States Congress in 1914. It is a nationwide educational network that brings  knowledge and research to local communities about agriculture & food systems, youth & family, community & economic vitality, environment & natural resources, and nutrition & health.  The main goal of this system is to enhance the quality of life and the environmental and economic well-being of  U.S. citizens.

You can locate your local cooperative extension here:

Become More Aware of Your Community’s Impact on the Earth.

  • Find out about recycling programs or facilities in your area.

Many areas offer curbside recycling pickup or have a centrally located drop off  location. Various materials such as aluminum, glass, paper, plastic, and steel are able to be recycled through these services. There are also services for collection of yard waste for recycling or composting.

Facilities may also exist  in your area that collect specific items such as scrap metal, appliances, cars, plastic & glass bottles, aluminum cans, and various other items that contain metal and plastic. Often these facilities are recycling businesses that will pay you for these materials.

Your area may offer household hazardous waste  drop off locations. This waste includes oil-based paints, paint thinner, batteries, drain cleaner, lawn/pool chemicals, pesticides, solvents, antifreeze, fluorescent light bulbs, old pharmaceuticals, etc.

What a great start!


Learn about the impact that our decisions as a global family make upon our mother Earth.

Become More Aware of Your Position in the Global Family.

  • Start locally, but think globally.

Every environmentally sound decision we make as an individual, a community, and as a global family can help to improve our planet’s ecosystem. When you, as an individual, decide to make the effort to be more Earth conscious you are positively contributing to the global family. It is that simple.

Become A Part of Something Bigger than Yourself.

  • Realize you are not alone in your efforts.

Once you open yourself up to the everyday ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and be kind to our planet you will surely become more aware of other individuals who are also on the same path.

Participating in local and global annual green events is a great way to learn more and to meet like minded individuals. Keep an eye open for events in your area. Here are a few events that have gained worldwide attention:

  • Earth Day – The United Nations has assigned April 22nd as International Mother Earth Day. It’s purpose is to foster a renewed sense of connection between us and our planet which will enable a more unifying relationship between the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants.
    Earth Day is internationally coordinated by the Earth Day Network. To find out more about EDN and their efforts you can visit
  • World Environment Day – The United Nation’s main event for positive environmental initiatives. It is held annually on June 5th and is geared towards empowering everyone to recognize their abilities and their responsibilities to become instruments of change. To find out more about this global event you can visit 
  • World Water Day – Another campaign brought forth by the United Nations. This initiative is designed to educate and raise awareness about fresh water and the sustainable management of fresh water resources. To learn more about WWD you can visit

You can also find a growing list of Earth-conscious events on our website just CLICK HERE

We love our Mother Earth!


Check Back Soon. We Keep Taking more Steps!