How often has this happened?

You’re sitting at a light. You look toward the car next to you and see another driver dancing around in their seat, bobbing their head, or doing some kind of hand dance. You may even hear them singing along to their radio. Hopefully you find your fellow drivers doing these things more often than you discover them picking their nose. 

It is probably safe to assume that most of us who love music, love to listen to it in our cars. And why shouldn’t we? It’s a great set up. We have the music controls right at our fingertips, are surrounded by speakers, and have virtually no distractions. (Well, if you exclude the whole driving thing.)

It’s a great feeling to be out on the open road and have your favorite tunes bumping through your speakers. Music can make our daily commute or our long distance road trip something we look forward to, a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the new tunes we just downloaded or the mix our friend made for us. Music can set the tone for our day. During rush hour, music can even save us from becoming a road rage statistic. 

Our Car is the Best DJ

It always plays our requests and doesn’t mind playing the same song over and over again. It knows exactly how loud we like it and how much bass we want. It only plays songs we like. And if a song we don’t like should happen to start playing, it will gladly skip to the next song.
It was almost 100 years ago that the first radio was made for an automobile. Since the 1920s people have been groovin’ along in their ultimate mobile music machine. That’s really all a car is, isn’t it? It’s just a place to play our music the way we want it to be played. The bonus is… that it gets us from point A to point B as well!


(Adapted from the original post from September 29, 2010)

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