Positivity or Negativity… It’s a Choice!

When you think about the people in your life, often you can characterize them as being the “glass is half full” type or the “glass is half empty” type. There are people who always seem to find a positive outlook in even the bleakest of situations AND there are those who focus merely on the bad that is happening, even if everything in their life is going well.

What secret do these happy-go-lucky people have? Their lives really aren’t that different than anyone else’s. (Remember the ‘grass is greener’ cliche?) Maybe it’s not a secret, maybe it is just that they choose to be that way. Of course, we all have bad days or certain situations that may warrant a less than positive attitude. But, for the most part, being positive or being negative is a choice.


People who are called “haters” are usually negative people who can’t find happiness in another person’s accomplishments and will try and find flaws in their success. When they belittle the successful person, it makes them feel better about themselves and they may often try and rally other people to join in on their degrading attitude. The haters motivation may be based on jealousy, envy, animosity, or a simple lack of esteem. It may just be a way to gain attention, or just simply to knock someone else down.

Being a hater is a choice and choosing to be a hater is not characteristic of the elements of PLURH. It specifically shows a lack of Respect. When you have Respect you will accept others for who they are. Since a person’s success is part of what makes them unique, it is disrespectful to try and belittle their accomplishments. When you are hateful towards another person it really doesn’t make a statement about them, it makes a statement about you!

If you are the successful person that has haters, turn them into motivators! They obviously care about the difference you are making, they just aren’t expressing it in a positive way. Keep strong with your dreams, accomplishments, and blessings! You surely have more positivity and support surrounding you than negativity anyways.

Eat Sunshine and Poop Rainbows

It may seem far fetched to some, but when you choose to be more positive, more positivity will come into your life. (Unfortunately, this also works for negativity). So, next time you find yourself falling into the “glass is half empty” or the “haters” crowd, make an effort to be more positive. Change your perception of the world. Eat some sunshine!





(Adapted from the original plurh.com post from December 5, 2010)

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