To Become One with someone or something is often an awe-inspiring or life changing experience.


Here are a few of the many instances when we may become aware of this amazing feeling:

  • When two people join together in a relationship, they are often seen as Becoming One. Two lives combined into one entity as a couple.
  • Surfing, gardening, hiking, mountain biking, camping, kayaking, or any other journey through nature can make people feel as though they have Become One with the earth or the world around them.
  • Attending a music concert, festival, or performance can instill a sense of Becoming One with not only the music, but the other people who have gathered to enjoy the music.
  • When you are enthralled in a creative activity that you love (ex. painting, yoga, woodworking, writing, etc.) you can obtain a sense of Becoming One with the creative process.
  • Living in the hustle and bustle of a big city may be overwhelming to some, but those who live it and love it can often feel as though they have Become One with the city itself.
  • Involvement in a cause, an organization, or a group of like minded people can create the feeling of Becoming One.


But, please, keep this in mind…

 Becoming One Doesn’t Actually Mean Equaling One.

Unity is not a singularity. Joining together does not mean that you lose your identity, because your unique qualities make the union what it is. Being as One is about becoming deeply connected while retaining your individuality. It is about finding synchronicity, a sense of purpose, a sense of peace, and a sense of unity!


(Adapted from the original post from June 10, 2011)

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